blue fifty: Emmer


blue fifty was not originally intended for release at all. Rather it was lovingly composed as a two-part lullaby by Emmer aka Joe Shrimpling to help a friend’s new baby sleep.

Worlds apart from the industrial-strength techno Joe makes under the name Human Resources, on the two Night Time for Miri pieces he recruits clarinettist Laura Deignan, violinist Eilidh Crawford and bassist Linus Fenton for an exceptionally gentle and soporific soundscape, accompanying them with a delightful waltz of acoustic guitar.

Opening with the sounds of soft waves and the comforting tones of Laura’s clarinet, you can feel this music drawing you in and pushing you out to sea, out to dream.

Music made from the awe and imagination you mostly only experience in childhood. I love to close my eyes and explore this soundworld with my mind and ears. I’ll meet you twenty minutes past bedtime, out by the lighthouse.