blue forty-two: Gultskra Artikler


Pleading voices robotically reciting entreaties for lovers to stay amidst the shrill calls of shakuhachi and the sounds of machines powering down. It's an unsettling but absorbing introduction into a very particular soundworld populated by the excesses of the Gultskra Artikler imagination.

When synths do eventually enter they don't soothe, but feel like the nervous tics of a sentient but malfunctioning supermarket PA. There is no space to relax in this world, and that works to the benefit of the art. You're constantly alert, finely tuned to every nuance and texture.

You feel trippy, wired - like your soul has been uploaded to some virtual reality space and everything is melting.

Fans of Blue Tapes artists such as Obsidian Shard, Cadu Tenorio, Ratkiller, Stuart Chalmers and Claus Poulsen should mainline this epic sound collage immediately.

Praise for Gultskra Artikler

"Barely a second worth missing." - The Quietus

"Alexey Devyanin has been creating some of the most cutting edge music in the industry as Gultskra Artikler for nearly a decade now." - The Silent Ballet

"Some wicked combination of Philip Jeck and Mort Feldman and Max Richter." - Cokemachineglow

"...the world needs more weird music, and Gultskra Artikler will be more than happy to give it to them." - A Closer Listen

"Gultskra Artikler have managed to perfectly offset the eclectic and personal nature of their collected ethnic, jazz and soul tinted musical strands with memorable melodic hooks and nostalgic atmospheres, forming a cohesive and always engaging selection of sonic destinations." - Igloo Magazine

"...its mercuriality is essential in heightening the listener’s sense of self-doubt and psychiatric derailment. Pretty good." - ATTN:Magazine

"Musique concrète to be sure, but with an emphasis on expressing and conjuring emotion instead of highlighting technique or artifice. The album unspools and blooms and mystifies and changes its mind again from there. It’s a challenge to determine what’s actually played from what’s sampled, yet the pleasure lies in letting the totality of it animate your imagination with speculative images of what on earth could be making that sound." - Another Green Kitchen